gusty wind
chasing one another
three plastic cups

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  1. petertwo.oh Says:

    Like it! Can almost feel that wind trying to blow me away!

  2. anonymous Says:

    This is nice but it makes me wonder. What if you change it around?

    three plastic cups
    chasing one another
    gusty wind

  3. martin1223 Says:

    three plastic cups
    chasing one another
    two wind blown squirrels

  4. LattesDad Says:

    Also good, and with the beginning of "gusty wind" the reader gets a visceral feeling before the next lines. I found myself in the natural world first, and then how inanimate objects reacted.

  5. Karen Harvey Says:

    I was sat in my front room alone, wind howling down the chimney and against my large patio doors when I opened this. We live on the sea front in a popular tourist sopt, so an an amazing amount of paper cups and take out food wrappers are airborne on days like this. Great poem.

  6. beautifulisness Says:

    I like these simple three line vignettes. Small still life movies. Some might mutter about 'endless substitution' – but plastic cups does it fine by me. The wabisabi of windblown litter. 'Gusty wind' is the appropriate opening shot for this delightful moment, which we can all easily relate to. Whether inanimate objects 'chase each other' is a mute point.

    — jp

  7. @Roman_Ly Says:

    Thanks to all for the kind words and your takes on the theme!

  8. Gergely László Says:

    viharos a szél
    egymást kergeti három
    m?anyag pohár

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