Haiku on the radio

Last week, NPR and WBUR radio program On Point held an hourlong discussion of haiku. Guests included Frogpond editor George Swede and tinywords publisher d. f. tweney. Give it a listen!

Wondering what happened to the daily haiku here? tinywords has been on a brief break while we prepare the next issue. We’ll resume publishing this week. Stay tuned!

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  1. eiko yachimoto Says:

    Hi, Mr.Tweney,

    Having listened to the wonderful program, I feel you care, I mean you are reasonable and open-minded.

    Could you please correct the introductory statement on Hisajo Sugita which is attached to her haiku of the day in you site ?

    You will know what I am talking about by finding her truly masterful haiku on white chrysanthemums translated beautifully by Ryu Yotsuya and Sue's and my responses to that haiku. I write the original Japanese haiku for the identification purpose. (shiroshiro to(5) hanabira sorinu (7) tsuki no kiku(5)).

    I have been translating as many Hisajo's haiku as I can; believing her haiku has got the special
    importance for those who write haiku in the English language. Hisajo and her family
    have suffered from the fabricated legend beyond words can say and I do not want
    that to be perpetuated in the English language haiku world.

    best wishes,
    eiko yachimoto

  2. akvin Says:

    Hi Todd
    Just wanted to let you know that the Empire State has disappeared from the home page.

  3. d. f. tweney Says:

    Yes, thanks. That's the background for issue 10.3. We're now onto a different issue, so the layout has changed.

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  12. home Says:

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  13. SEO Audit Says:

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  14. Click me Says:

    Where's the Empire state background?

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