Black Dog

“You know”, he confided, “I want to walk in front of a truck. My little girls would be much better off. I am the reject of the family. My wife tells lies. I tell lies to cover up my illness, to avoid the shame.”

Christmas day
gifts of all colours
and shapes

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  1. @andreochka Says:

    I am impressed: a stunning haibun actually!

  2. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Moving, with a distant, ereie quality that does not diminish it's impact.

  3. Gifts of All Colors (Or, what’s a haibun?) | elephant journal Says:

    […] how this haibun begins. What’s a haibun? It’s a combination of a haiku and prose. Tinywords is a website that will send you a new haiku, or in today’s case, a haibun […]

  4. John Stone Says:

    That's excellent…

  5. bett Says:

    Thank you John, Dirk and @andreochka for your high praise of my haibun. I am still a novice but I am enjoying my Japnese form poetry journey.

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