stuttering light
the sound of tea
being poured

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  1. John Emil Vincent Says:

    I heart this extra much. Beautiful.

    Rendered gorgeously.

  2. grandpa Says:

    I wonder, does tea being poured produce a sound different from, say, coffee being poured? Such a fine sensorium makes me wonder if we live in the same universe of sensations. In other words, when one pours tea does one pour a different sound that one pours when pouring coffee, for instance? If not, then why not simply 'pouring sound', and let it be at that? Of course, one could be pouring horseshoes, and that WOULD sound different…

  3. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    g'day Sandra

    works beautifully for me

    Peace and Love

    ps my sympathies with you and all Kiwis on this earthquake aftermath

  4. @andreochka Says:

    So delicate: really enjoyed this!

  5. sandra Says:

    Hello Grandpa,

    This haiku was written as a shasei, and tea was the liquid involved.

    I don't drink coffee but I live with a coffee drinker – for me, the two sounds *are* different. It may be just the vessel from which they are being poured, though.

    Hmm. But perhaps it's because I *don't* drink coffee that I've specified tea – wouldn't write a haiku about coffee unless it was to do with its scent.

    You've got me thinking now.

    Thanks for the comment,

  6. Bernard Gieske Says:

    The mention of light evokes for me a different response. Some servers put a lot of ice in the glass.

    at the restaurant
    coloring ice cubes
    with tea

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Always good to see a haiku that isn't merely visual.


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