through the skylight
only we
can see these stars

8 Responses

  1. John Emil Vincent Says:

    spectacular! literally.

  2. Melissa Spurr Says:

    Lovely, Johnny!

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    A haiku with heart, and a touch of wistful humor.


  4. j-dubb masta killa Says:

    a haiku, traditionally is 5X7X5 (syllables per line) this is not technically a haiku, BUT it is a very nice poem. and i like it very much:)

  5. Alan Jackson Says:

    This is haiku. Educate yourself:

  6. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi j-dubb masta killa! ;-)

    I have to say you will miss out on a lot of really good modern and contemporary Western and Japanese haiku if you think it's 5X7X5 (syllables per line), because that only leads people to number crunch nine times out of ten.

    If you are on Facebook you can catch up with some amazing National Haiku Writing Month aka NaHaiWriMo, which was in February but writing prompts have continued into March and April as it was popular to hundreds of people. ;-)

    Good link Alan Jackson, here's another from Michael Dylan Welch, which also shows how the 575 idea is an urban myth. After all the Japanese language systems (plural) do not contain alphabets or syllables, and often take 3-6 seconds to read out loud.

    Michael's NaHaiWriMo website:

    all my best,


  7. shaheen Says:

    i wish there ought to be an end to this debate of 575 it mar the beauty of these lines and trouble writers who are not native we always look towards you people and gain the courage to write please comment

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