through the syringe—
red red poppy bloom

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  1. Grandpa Says:

    let's hear it for the joys of drug addiction…

  2. haikutec Says:

    Good modern haiku! It reminds me, though a different subject of this one I did as part of a sequence:

    cherry mist
    the gun you pointed
    as I said I love you

    Old Romance: A Contemporary Haiku Sequence by Alan Summers
    Publ. Symmetry Pebbles (March 2011)

  3. pbergonzi Says:


  4. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    Haunting and beautiful.

  5. @Zirconium Says:

    your words seeping through
    my hydrocodone haze —
    a slurry of yoghs and thorns

  6. shaheen Says:

    red poppy blooms
    searching human eye
    bloom in fear

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