a firefly’s glow
against her palm
passed to mine

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  1. Norman Darlington Says:


  2. Barbara A Taylor Says:

    g'day Michael

    The first poem of my day and it is beauty. Thank you.

    peace and love

  3. Dianne Says:

    ahhhh :-)

  4. Alison Says:

    Thanks for sharing this special moment. Delightful.

  5. @andreochka Says:

    A special moment indeed!

  6. Marjorie Buettner Says:

    This haiku is so wonderful. The image is deeply reflective…(no pun intended!)

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Michael has a knack of incorporating movement in haiku. He involves far more than just the 'mereness' of movement in itself, but expands it into other directions, like our unique attributes of humanness through wonder.


  8. shaheen Says:

    grow warm at his palm
    my little kid
    leading the way

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