in the park
pigeons peck in front of
empty benches

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  1. @andreochka Says:

    Nicely done: I really enjoyed its simplicity…

  2. Jay Friedenberg Says:

    Many thanks, I hope to have more posted soon.


  3. donnafleischer Says:

    A keen and quietly stated observation, as if not to disturb them. I am sharing this poem at word pond. Thank you, poet and tinywords.

  4. Jay Friedenberg Says:

    Thanks, please feel free to share!


  5. martin1223 Says:

    late summer day
    shadows grow longer

  6. LanaB Says:

    pigeon cooling
    my mail box
    is empty

  7. jrs Says:

    shorter days
    longer shadows

  8. Michael Skelton Says:

    As a horror story..

    In the park
    pigeons peck in front of
    empty benches
    amid buckles and shoes
    the indigestible parts

    : )

  9. shaheen Says:

    deserted park
    a tired butterfly
    settled on my shining shoes

  10. shaheen Says:

    tiny words admn thanks for your consideration

  11. shaheen Says:

    we still poles apart
    pigeons in the above cornice
    beak to beak

  12. Shedrach Says:

    A very vivid image.

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