zen garden
one rock
out of place

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  1. Lisa Brown Says:

    wabi sabi :-)

  2. 'an Says:


  3. @andreochka Says:

    Simple but nicely done…

  4. Melinda Hipple Says:

    One person’s ‘out’ might be another person’s ‘in’ and therefore this brings insight into the viewer. Lots to reflect on here.

  5. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    And, like a rock has a "place." I love the tension this sets up, the way it exposes–gently–the tendency some of us have (well, I speak for myself) to "tweak" things, as if perfection only comes from tweaking. Lovely, just lovely.

  6. william Says:

    In the maple shade
    red leaves fall on raked lines;
    what child wrote this verse?

  7. Michael Skelton Says:

    Perfect : )

  8. shaheen Says:

    lovely this one rock has made all the difference

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