tornado siren,
even the stars take shelter

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  1. Lisa Brown Says:

    Just last night, on the Create channel, I watched a stormchaser / photographer as they chased a tornado and took breath-taking pictures, tornado sirens wailing in the audio, so this brought vivid images! I like that you involved the absence of the stars…

  2. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    I love the form of this (as well as the imagery). 5-7-…and the last line (if it were a traditional haiku) got swept away by the wind.

  3. Fran Harris Says:

    Yes! The tornado takes everything from us, even the forevermore stars! Thank you for this posting.

  4. shaheen Says:

    lovely words but i am not bold enough to submit haiku of two lines like you native writers

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Effectively frightening poem in just two lines.


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