liquid sky . . .
a steel bucket hits
the well water




Originally published in Notes from the Gean, March 2010.

16 Responses

  1. Lisa Brown Says:

    I like your liquid sky; I can see the reflection of the sky in the water, and then the splash! as the lowered bucket lands in the water…

  2. @andreochka Says:

    Another masterpiece… thank you Kala!

  3. martin1223 Says:

    a pond leaf in and out of twilight

  4. sanjuktaa Says:

    Love this, Kala. As i read this without seeing your name, i instinctively knew this must have come from an Indian pen.

  5. eric adjei baah Says:

    mum once said that the sky and the sea are one, since the sea borrows its color from the sky. I feel it in this haiku

  6. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton Andre,

    Sanjuktaa – I smiled at your comment! [Even now at my parents' house we use the well water for watering the plants and washing the clothes]

    Eric, A beautiful thought. And it surely feels good that you could connect up your mother's observation to this ku.

    Lisa, that's just what happened. Thanks. It's a pleasure when a haiku poem is crystal clear and the readers are able to get the picture accurately.

    Martin, I enjoyed your one-line ku.

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    This haiku is worth a few quiet slow reads instead of rushing by. You'll be rewarded for taking your time.

    Alan, With Words

  8. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Dear Alan,

    That's a great comment from you.
    Thank you so much.
    _kala :)

  9. Vida Says:

    Beautiful haiku, Kala!

  10. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks Vida!
    Nice to see you here :)

  11. shaheen Says:

    loveliest haiku

    out of the well at last
    in a steel bucket
    an injured frog

  12. Shauna Says:

    perfectly sparse.

  13. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Shauna & Shaheen,

    Thanks a ton for taking time off to send your responses.
    Truly appreciate the gesture ?

  14. shaheen Says:

    thanks kala ramish thanks thanks thanks,,,,,,,,,,
    i really do not know the art of writing short poems but you proved to be the loadstar for my muse thanks once again

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