Slime trail—
glancing back at
the glinting

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  1. pbergonzi Says:


  2. barbara a taylor Says:

    g'day Don

    I love this, so familiar to me

    peace and love

  3. Vida Says:

    I really like this, Don!

  4. jcorpe Says:

    I have a slug trail haiku I never could get right, but then, I didn't think of "slime trail", lol! Makes me miss the west coast. Great one, Don. :)

  5. snowbirdpress Says:

    Oh, My! Don … how our memories come through "glinting"… It's a good thing we can let all the slime fall away…Many thanks, Merrill

  6. donnafleischer Says:

    "Issa's Untidy Hut" truly, (and mt fuji slowly, slowly. Thank you, Don, for this gem.

  7. lilliputreview Says:

    Thanks all. I really appreciate the enthusiasm. Don

  8. Alan Summers Says:

    Slime trail—
    glancing back at
    the glinting

    —Don Wentworth

    Good use of alliteration/consonance (g and gl). Another haiku with several layers for the close reader to be rewarded.

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