drinks on the beach
the jiggle
in a pelican’s throat

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  1. harrisfr Says:

    10 words set this enchanting scene!

  2. Lisa Brown Says:

    LOL. I live in FL and see those jiggly-throated pelicans everyday. Sign me up for mojitos!

  3. @undefined Says:

    That's clever: a beautiful image actually!

  4. Lorna Cahall Says:

    Such a wonderful turn – didn't expect the pelican!

  5. Helen Buckingham Says:

    a lovely upbeat ku, just what’s needed on a miserable autumnal Brit evening – thanks Lynne!

  6. gillena cox Says:

    lnice the surprise

    much love

  7. Lynne Says:

    Thanks! So pleased people could see and enjoy this. Just south of Delray Beach, Lisa : )

  8. Lisa Brown Says:

    Hi, Lynne—I'm on the west coast; will be walking on St. Pete Beach later!

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    Ah, a few tinnies by the barbie, cool. :-)

    hervey bay—
    a shoreline of pelicans
    caneburning sunset

    Alan Summers

    Publications credits:
    Azami Special Edition ed. & ill. Alan Summers (Japan 1997); sundog, an australian year, (sunfast press 1997 reprinted 1998)

    Pelicans at Hervey Bay: http://www.travelblog.org/Photos/2849223


  10. Bill Kenney Says:

    "Jiggle" is a delightful choice; goes well with the drinks. Party time!

  11. Peter Newton Says:

    Tulip Festival
    that's one
    drunk bee

  12. Alan Summers Says:

    Very enjoyable!


  13. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I loved the combination of the jiggly-throated pelican and drinks – the word 'tipsy' immediately came to mind (or staggered!)

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