evening sun
helping my dad
tend the cosmos




(For my dear Dad, Frederick Buckingham, 1914-2012)

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  1. Preston Says:

    Fall air unfolds memories, sweet laments
    of the Old Man’s last outings. Retelling our stories,
    he and I, with Mugs in that leaf soaked sun,
    as I studied him watching that old dog run

  2. mary g Says:

    Lovely, Helen – especially the cosmos echoing the sun, the dad echoing the Father….Lovely

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Beautiful haiku Helen. :-)

    warm evening
    goodnight to the needlemouse
    as I check the stars

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits: Presence 42 (2010)


  4. pat n Says:

    Beautiful, Helen – Lost my dad this year, thank you for sharing your haiku!

  5. martin1223 Says:

    As I said before, I always enjoy your poems.

  6. John McManus Says:

    Great work, Helen. This one really resonates.

  7. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Thanks for your great comments everyone – I really appreciate it.

  8. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Dear Helen, This is beautiful. My father was born in 1915. I'll share an old poem:

    love for you became her care
    until she joined you there
    grief gives way
    to fields and wind
    and now I hear your voice again

    (Published in Bell's Letters Poet)

    Blessings, Ellen

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Simply beautiful. I also lost my dad quite recently and this brought tears to my eyes, Helen.

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