young coconut
beside a wet machete
her breath

9 Responses

  1. d. f. tweney Says:

    sea turtle hatchlings
    the children follow them
    to the water's edge

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    sunlit sweat
    the young vagrant
    sucks a thumb

    Publications credits: Haiku Harvest vol. 4 no. 1 (2003); Haiku Harvest: 2000 – 2006 (Modern English Tanka Press 2007); Does Fish-God Know (YTBN Press 2012)

  3. Lisa Brown Says:

    Vivid, startling and beautiful.

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Very sensual, Scott.

  5. Christopher Pickslay Says:

    split coconuts
    how often they fall

  6. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Well cleaved.

  7. Scott Terrill Says:

    Thank you all for commenting and for the wonderful response ku.


  8. Jack Says:

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