after the solstice
waiting for the light
to change


8 Responses

  1. angie werren Says:

    everyone waits
    for the light to change —
    little chestnut moon

  2. Stephen Kusch Says:

    Very beautiful!

  3. Emmyjay Says:

    mid-winter moon
    chilled pale light
    on your frozen breath

  4. Stephen Kusch Says:

    empty lot
    under the rising moon
    a perfect wheelie

  5. Bouwe Brouwer Says:

    Great haiku! Thanks.

  6. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    It is so wonderful to watch the days grow longer again. Here in Wisconsin, it is 6 AM and the sky is growing light and soon will rise over a wall of clouds. It's been cold and more of a winter this year. I often see deer in the night looking for food in the yard. Ellen

  7. larry wilmarth Says:

    new moon …
    away from city lights
    a local musher

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I loved the way this started with something vast and zoomed right in to a person in a car waiting for a light to change! :)

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