tinywords invites you to get inspired

Willmore Wilderness Park, Canada. Photo by Ray Rasmussen

Time for another writing?prompt. While we are assembling the next issue, tinywords invites you to get inspired by Ray?Rasmussen?s photograph above,?taken in Willmore Wilderness Park, Canada. Add your short poems inspired by his image of a mountain peak to our comment box below.

Thank you for lending your voices. And thanks to Ray for lending his photo (it originally appeared here, on Ray’s website). We will consider the best of the best for inclusion in tinywords 13.2.

94 Responses

  1. Cara Holman Says:

    alone again
    clouds chase clouds
    across the sky

  2. @haikuverse Says:

    tapping walking stick –
    under the wanderer's feet
    the mountain moves

  3. @haikuverse Says:

    walking stick tapping –
    under the wanderer's feet
    the mountain moves

  4. Ernesto P. Santiago Says:

    lending voices—
    a scrim of mountains
    and my steps louder

  5. Ernesto P. Santiago Says:

    in a light rain
    Willmore Wilderness Park
    where we trail our past

  6. Keith A. Simmonds Says:

    majestic beauty
    illuminating the dawn…
    tribute to nature

  7. Keith A. Simmonds Says:

    Of a spirit ascending

  8. Keith A. Simmonds Says:

    on light peaks of hope
    far into infinity
    mystical yearnings

  9. Keith A. Simmonds Says:

    towards the zen peak
    of human endeavours …
    solitary man

  10. Ernesto P. Santiago Says:

    this rough footing
    a mountain stream jumps
    from note to note

  11. Keith A. Simmonds Says:

    an endless mountain
    propping up the summer sky
    traces of footsteps

  12. polona Says:

    parting clouds
    a view of the summit
    i didn't reach

  13. Ernesto P. Santiago Says:

    holding off
    a stiff challenge—
    white clouds

  14. haikuapprentice Says:

    stray ant
    traversing my knuckles
    a puff – gone

  15. Pravat Kumar Padhy Says:

    azure sky
    a great journey
    up the hill
    I listen to my loneliness
    the echoes of step after step

  16. Amber McGlothlin Says:

    Coming of Spring invites me
    Little though I am
    To scale the mountain again

  17. Brooklyn Bloke Says:

    dare I walk between two worlds
    a knife edge on my feet

    dare I choose among those worlds
    or find myself a seat

  18. Barb Ezell Says:

    Solitary sky path,
    Approaching light on earthen feet
    Trees give way to stars & wind

  19. Jean LeBlanc Says:

    write a poem for me
    he asks—so close
    to the knife's edge

  20. Jamie Wimberly Says:

    May you climb higher
    Passing peaks of pain, climbing
    Into the clear sky.


  21. Mark Granier Says:

    found my moving stair
    on a high ridge where it all
    sheers off

  22. Claudette Russell Says:

    so close to the peak
    my journey

  23. Claudette Russell Says:

    just before the summit
    jagged peaks
    pierce my fear

  24. Claudette Russell Says:

    close to the summit
    the view
    turns inward

  25. Claudette Russell Says:

    your memory
    carried with me
    to the clouds

  26. Phil Allen Says:

    beyond my window
    the accumulated years
    in stones I've thrown

  27. Maureen Sudlow Says:

    foot steps
    on sliding shale
    reaching the sky

  28. julietwilson Says:

    behind the peak
    I'm walking towards
    another peak

  29. Claudette Russell Says:

    solo walk to the peak
    a poem
    with no words

  30. Kirsten Cliff Says:

    sweet therapy
    in this mountain air
    I release
    all my demons
    into the echo

  31. Christina Nguyen Says:

    the sky begins
    where the trail ends–

  32. Heather Butler Says:

    leading to the pinnacle
    all falls away

  33. Heather Butler Says:

    mountain hiker
    travelling along the spine

  34. Susan Burch Says:

    climbing the mountain
    from the bottom
    my head in the clouds

  35. Maryellen_O. Says:

    Almost there,
    The remaining steps
    I will not climb

  36. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    peak condition still something to look forward to

  37. Sherrie Reynolds Says:

    The gentle sloping climb to the top
    to find there is yet another peak ahead.

  38. Heather Butler Says:

    a climber
    approaches the apex …
    using backbone

  39. Kashinath karmakar Says:

    before fading
    into distant blues
    just once
    baring me
    to myself

    —kashinath karmakar (kash poet)

  40. @kashpoet Says:

    before fading
    into distant blues
    just once
    baring me to

    —kashinath karmakar (kash poet)

  41. Heather Butler Says:

    mountain climbing …
    my spirit ascends
    before I do

  42. Sanjuktaa Asopa Says:

    a date with summer sky–
    the mountain sheds
    its snow -white parka

  43. @andemesi Says:

    good one! (Y)

  44. Sanjuktaa Asopa Says:

    downhill climb…
    but I had touched
    the clouds

  45. Anitha Varma Says:

    good one! (Y)
    Anitha Varma

  46. Charline Says:

    stone and bone
    never alone

  47. Claudette Russell Says:

    wilderness peak
    hoping to find myself
    at the top

  48. JE Vincent Says:

    so this is the
    rest of

  49. Bill D. Johnston Says:

    goddess, your halo
    awes mortal insects to praise-
    a voice roars inside

  50. R.K. Sameer Says:

    Look at his dreams
    after all
    a little speck

  51. R.K. Sameer Says:


    Look at his dreams
    a speck

    r.k. Sameer

  52. Kumarendra Mallick Says:

    climbing uphill —
    I do not count
    my footprints

  53. Peggy Hale Bilbro Says:

    walking that fine line
    between brilliant and insane
    keep to the path

  54. Kumarendra Mallick Says:

    hilltop —
    I hold on to clouds to land
    on moon

  55. Kala Ramesh Says:

    daybreak . . .
    my heart beats louder
    that usual

    Kala Ramesh

  56. Jayashree Maniyil Says:

    a steady climb —
    all my dreams dissolve
    into vapour

  57. Ramesh Anand Says:

    steep trail
    my footsteps
    lighter and lighter

  58. Kala Ramesh Says:

    daybreak . . .
    my heart beats louder
    than usual

    My previous submission had a typo.
    Corrected it here!! (Thanks to Kash poet!)

  59. @andemesi Says:

    dusty road
    winds along the flank
    of the mountain..

  60. Maureen G. Coppack Says:

    walking the length
    of the earth' spine –
    soon the clouds

  61. Charline Says:

    as he walks
    way ahead of me
    he becomes my mantra

  62. Pravat Kumar Padhy Says:

    shifting shadows–
    my journey mingles with
    patches of cloud

  63. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    of "mountains"
    down-sized dreams

  64. Martha L Shaw Says:

    The Seeker

    The view from the top was grand!
    For me, however
    There was such a thrill
    In the climb!
    Is there a higher peak?

    By Martha L Shaw – © 6-17-2013

  65. Armando H. Corbelle Says:

    reaching one peak_and finding another_and another_and another_life is reaching not _arriving

  66. kanzensakura Says:

    I walk onward to
    infinity: endless blue
    beckons me to fly

  67. ken sawitri Says:

    swished sand ?
    the heard traceless
    my only footseps

  68. rob dingman Says:

    buddha's mountain
    the path to the summit well-worn
    only partway up

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  70. Waltermarks Says:

    Mountain, Climbing Man

    The back ridge shivers as they climb,
    And tickles old man mountain.
    It creeps up one stone at a time.
    Pebbles dribble here,
    A rock slide wheezes there.
    At last he sneezes at the pass,
    "Avalanche", to all who dare!

  71. Evelyn Says:

    Bright but cold,
    Alive but barren,
    I walk alone.

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  73. @galatea1819 Says:

    I keep climbing
    but never reach
    the sky

  74. MarkDanowsky Says:

    jealous of your soul-
    searching the altitude
    without commotion

  75. MarkDanowsky Says:

    Who was watching
    over you? What a sky
    to say you saw, once.

  76. cristinamonicamoldoveanu Says:

    from a distance
    the world looks blue –
    windswept footprints

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  78. Mark Kaplon Says:

    traveling ridge-lines
    immovable mountains
    rock-slide in my eyes

  79. Maureen G. Coppack Says:

    Would it be possible to correct the haiku to read . . .

    walking the length
    of the earth's spine –
    soon the clouds

    Thanks – Maureen G. Coppack

  80. cristinamonicamoldoveanu Says:

    where trees don't belong
    my shadow follows me

  81. Big Brother Mzansi Says:

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  82. PMBilbro Says:

    walking that fine line
    between brilliant and insane
    he keeps to the path

  83. BigBrotherMzansi Says:

    wow what a great mountain !!

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  88. Minakshi Srivastava Says:

    mountain hiker
    travelling along the spine

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