tissued and boxed
for the auction
the chips and cracks
of my mother’s life

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  1. Cindy Raymond Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful memory of my mother also; beautiful.

  2. Madhuri Says:

    Will this be my daughter's memory of me?

  3. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    There will be more; you share ideas and hopes and dreams. There is memory beyond things; other memories include actions and ideas. ;-)

  4. Thomas P Says:

    Very moving and very beautiful. The power of the last line throws me back through the poem to read it again and again. Textures, colours and real depth.

  5. Sheila Sondik Says:

    This tanka captures so well the experience of sorting, packing, and discarding after the death of an older relative. Thank you.

  6. Mary F.Ahearn Says:

    This moves me,bringing back the memory of all of that packing and wrapping of my parents' treasures just a few years ago – and reminds me of the future packing and letting go in my own future … Lovely and true as all good poetry is. Thank you.

  7. Bruce F. Says:

    Wedgewood gives it a specific period. I still have several of my mother's wedge wood pieces. The contrast of the tissue paper, the ceramic works and the metaphor of chips and cracks work wonderfully. Touching tanka with simplicity and beauty.

  8. Allison Says:

    Always love your work Susan xx

  9. Frances Ruth Harris Says:

    Several weeks ago, I sent all my mother's Wedgwood to an auction house. My brother died almost eight weeks ago from ALS. Life is fragile. My investments now are more in the moment; my investments now are more in travel and introspection and sharing and learning and experiencing. Thank you for this fine work, Susan! I would never had imagined that I would part with my mother's treasures. Especially thank you for the sure clear message that there is more waiting for us! Best wishes!

  10. Dianne Says:

    May your investments be fruitful. (I am sure that they will be.) And I am sorry for your loss–

  11. Dianne Says:

    So many of us have or will have this experience. My own mother has many many porcelain "friendship cups" in her cupboard, all with different patterns. I so appreciate the imagery! Thank you, Susan! — Dianne

  12. Alan Summers Says:

    Ah, yes we have some crockery at my mother's place that is also chipped and cracked, but my mother keeps battling on. :-)


  13. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I adore this one of yours, Susan.

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