up to look down at the Blue Nile Falls, the mist rising into the camera?s frame

rheumy eyes calculating the price of my guilt

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  1. Sabine Miller Says:

    Up/ down, calculating/ mist, the price of guilt…this poem thrills me with its dynamism

  2. barbara a taylor Says:

    love it!

    evening mist
    confronted by the toll
    of chapel bells

  3. Peter Newton Says:

    Love the understated perspective presented here. Quite subtle. Re-reading it you can see the downcast eyes of the tourist taking photos of the waterfall contrasted with the upturned eyes of the peasant child whose rheumy eyes suggest a hidden wisdom (calculating). The whole poem reads deeper suggesting to me that the the river itself with its mist filling the frame is also offering its own emotion. A slow awareness of what the scene actually is. Nicely captured.

  4. Bob Lucky Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. I was attempting to do everything Peter Newton said. I think he said it better than I ‘captured’ it.

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