canning day
apple peels quilt
the table top


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  1. harrisfr Says:


  2. Jan Benson Says:

    Thanks, harrisfr —

  3. Mary Emma Pierson Says:

    Your haiku triggered a memory for me , only my aunts and I were canning cooking pears in light syrup with spearmint leaves. Thank you for your haiku so truthful and imaginative. Emma

  4. Jan Benson Says:

    Thanks Ms Pierson: My Grandmother Lela grew her own fruits and veggies and preserved them for winter — Glad we share strong memories of "canning day"

  5. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Wonderful haiku.

  6. Jan Benson Says:

    Thanx, Ms Olinger

  7. peggy Says:


  8. Jan Benson Says:

    Thank you Peggy — I have a sister and a cousin (both in Ohio) named Peggy (Not Margaret)

  9. Susan Summers Says:

    Creates a memory and nostalgia of a time when people treasured their resources be it preserving apples or using scraps of extra cloth. I could just see my grandmother busy in her kitchen.

  10. Jan Benson Says:

    Thanks Susan — you get the "nostalgia and comfort" in the quilting and the canning.

  11. Nina Says:

    This was nicely written. I just got into writing stories and poems myself and found this process very inspiring. Thanks for the nice inspiration.

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