Peapods beaded
with raindrops
her arthritic fingers


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  1. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Wonderful to read a new poem by Carol Purington. We met years ago through Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem, founded in 1990 by Phyllis Walsh; now edited by CX Dillhunt from Madison, Wisconsin.

    It is so moving, the journey through life, with our loved ones as they age, and as we age along with them.

    I enjoy Carol's books as well. Thank you.

  2. Sue Burke Says:

    that no longer fit
    passed down again

  3. Helen Buckingham Says:


  4. Alan Summers Says:

    Peapods beaded
    with raindrops
    her arthritic fingers


    Wonderfully simple and evocative first two lines, and added sensual input with that last line.

    Great work!

    warm regards,


  5. imogen288 Says:

    Alchemilla. a
    lady's cloak. Raindrops run off,
    a broken necklace.

  6. Norah Johnson Says:


  7. Peter Newton Says:

    we have all seen these hands

    some may have these hands one day

    and yet, the poet provides a soothing image

    of someone who continue to harvest life

  8. Gisele LeBlanc Says:

    Flawlessly crafted. Absolute perfection. :)

  9. janet Says:


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