Airless summer days
? ?? iridesce the silver throat
???? ??? of my tea kettle.

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  1. T. Johnson Says:

    As a tea lover in a world of "pick-up" lattes, this piece resonates with me. Even in the summertime, there is nothing more relaxing for me than to stand at the stove after putting the kettle on, wait patiently for the boil as my mind wanders blissfully, pour steaming water into my late mother's most precious china teacup, and proceed to the patio to watch the birds in the bird bath. Ms. Rosenberg's work encompasses this imagery beautifully!

  2. Amy Losak Says:

    T.Johnson: thanks for your lovely comment. I don’t know for sure but it wouldn’t surprise me if mom wrote this many years ago!

  3. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    There is real tension in this as the writer waits patiently for the kettle to boil to quench a thirst caused by the airless day. The droplets of moisture on the 'throat' (wonderful description) of the kettle are making it worse. And you know what they say about watched kettles!

    A wonderful haiku.


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