parts unknown
the sax player improvises
a lullaby


8 Responses

  1. Ellen Grace Olinger Says:

    Dear Julie, Beautiful, and thank you

  2. Julie Warther Says:

    Thanks, Ellen!

  3. madhurip Says:

    Love this.Thank you

  4. Dan Schwerin Says:

    I love how the first line calls us to the ambiguity that is experienced then gently resolvrd. Brilliant. Thanks for this poem.

  5. purehaiku Says:

    what a lovely haiku! it's a real coincidence – I'm publishing my own and guest haiku on the theme of music at my blog !!!!

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Unexpected parenthood! A beautifully tender haiku.


  7. Gisele_LeBlanc Says:

    Such depth and beauty in these words. Absolutely lovely, Julie! :)

  8. joolo Says:

    that will work

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