Alice in Her Twilight Years

We were cleaning out Mom’s house when we found them in the back of a cupboard, two zaftig Barbies covered in cookie crumbs. Where did they come from, we asked. Mom just smiled, her teeth black with Oreos.

late afternoon
a rabbit hightails it
through dappled shade

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  1. papagreenbean Says:

    fast clouds—winking moon
    a cat moves
    high up in a tree

  2. Joy MacVane Says:

    I absolutely love this poem. For me, both deeply moving and thought-provoking.

  3. Magyar Says:

    Bob, this… my humble attempt to echo your fine haibun.

    shadows stretched
    by this day's sun clock
    a far dog

  4. Dawn Apanius Says:


  5. T. Johnson Says:

    Evokes both a sweet and sad image. Lovely…

  6. Alan Summers Says:

    Great fun, brilliant haibun!

  7. Bob Lucky Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and the nice haiku.

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