how little
I know of bird calls
distant thunder



(Akita International Haiku Award, First Prize, September 2013)


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  1. shirley weese Says:

    love this, had to read it a few times, left me feeling very calm

  2. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks Shirley.
    This was in my balcony in Pune. A dozen or more birds were going any which way with loud noises that day and then I heard a distant thunder . . . and even today I wonder if they were warning each other of the impending rain or if they were enjoying the rain after a hot spell . . .

  3. Marie Shimane Says:

    So lovely — the emotion runs deep.

  4. Ka;a Ramesh Says:

    Thanks Marie.
    It's most heart warming when the ku goes well with the readers.

  5. chief276 Says:


    Bill K

  6. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a lot, Bill.

  7. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:


  8. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Magyar Says:

    Solid Kala; each read, another thought. _m

  10. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Thanks alot, Magyar.
    Really happy it's working so well for you.

  11. Alan Summers Says:

    Ever since I moved to Australia for a number of years my knowledge of British birds has never fully come back, but birdsong is a vital part of my life wherever I lay my hat.

    Ah, yes, the birds all know about communication, and we'd be wise to notice what they notice. :-)

    how little
    I know of bird calls
    distant thunder

    Kala Ramesh
    (Akita International Haiku Award, First Prize, September 2013)



    train whistle
    ?a blackbird hops?
    along its notes

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits:
    Presence #47 (2012); THF Per Diem: The Elements (September 2012); tempslibre (2013)

    warm regards,


  12. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a lot, Alan.
    I love yours too . . . and I had selected it for 'Haiku Foundation's Per Diem, I remember!

  13. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi Kala,

    Yes, I remember! Wasn't it the THF Per Diem: The Elements (September 2012)? I had a triple result with this poem as it was picked up by you, and by Presence magazine, as well as reprinted by tempslibre. :-)

    warm regards,


  14. ????? ?????? ??????? Says:

    thank you for sharing this with us.

  15. bouwebrouwer Says:

    I love the contrast in this one. The fragile bird call against the thunder. Thos two sound create a huge spatial feeling in the haiku.

  16. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a ton :)

  17. Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy Says:

    A little late noticing this- but Nice one Kala.

  18. Sanjuktaa Says:

    This one has always been my favourite! Touches a chord somewhere deep!

  19. Vidya Says:

    have read this before…. remember Vinay had showcased this for the Indikukai with the theme; thunder. Love the contrast of the tiny bird and the mighty thunder.

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