red Martian sky
the differences
between us


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  1. Helen Buckingham Says:

    snow on mars tonight earth's flaming arrow

    (Roadrunner VIII.4)

  2. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Your poem reminds me of Matt Damon surviving in the film, The Martian.
    I like it!

    the tadpole
    swims away
    a frog

  3. chief276 Says:

    Great jux.

    space travel . . .
    that exit
    I always miss

    Bill Kenney

  4. Deborah P Kolodji Says:

    Gosh, Bill, I wish I had written this one!

  5. snakypoet Says:

    Lovely, Deb:

  6. Magyar Says:

    __Thought pulling… another difference, the distance. _m

    we test the suns gravity
    inch by inch

  7. janewilliams Says:

    blue moon night
    we share the space
    of aloneness

  8. Alan Summers Says:

    red Martian sky
    the differences
    between us


    Ah, John Carter (the books) and so many others, but I've mostly only written about the space race to the moon for a commission.

    So many differences, even if we land on another planet, funny humans. :-)

    freeze-dried tea
    so much curiosity over
    the moons of Mars

    Alan Summers
    brass bell: a haiku journal | Tea Haiku / Haiku Tea issue November 2014
    mars landing-
    a tendril of red dust
    shifts from a footfall

    Alan Summers
    Publications credits: tinywords (2007); Dylan Tweney “Practical Haiku: How Reading and Writing an Ancient Form of Poetry Can Change Your Life.” (ebook 2010); Montage online July 19 (2010)

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Love it!


  10. martin1223 Says:

    I couldn’t resist…

    from the tendrils of Enceladus spider’s silhouette

    backlit Pluto
    in the Kuiper belt
    owl’s hoot

    faint stars
    through the uneven stirrings
    marsh beetles

    alone always the night sky


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