sleepless ?
my window floats through a thousand

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  1. Lolly Says:

    This haiku is magical. Well done.

  2. Norah Says:

    Love this. So beautifully apt.

  3. upinvermont Says:

    My thanks to both of you. :-) Starting November 7th, and inspired by —I'm not sure what—I've undertaken writing one haiku a day through November of next year. One a day. More haibun than haiku I suppose.

  4. Barbara Kaufmann Says:


  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Lovely style!
    Tribute to John O'connor 1949-2015

    stars fail to break
    as long as the sand
    & moonlight

    haiku by Alan Summers
    the last two lines are from John's poem Mother & Child (Tiny Gaps, NZPS, 2003)

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    This captures well for me that 'not quite there' feeling when you are on the brink of sleep.


  7. Dawn Says:

    I love it too.

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