Writing prompt for tinywords 16.1

Antelope Canyon. Photo by Lucas L?ffler.

Antelope Canyon. Photo by Lucas L?ffler.

It?s another new year and with it another writing prompt from your friends here at tinywords. A writer’s inspiration is a mystery indeed and this shaft of light might strike a creative chord. Certainly, it speaks to being in the right place at the right time. Much like capturing just the right words in a poem.

The image of sunlight filtering down through eroded sandstone was captured inside Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona. We invite you to set it to your own words and submit your short poems in the comment section below.

The best of the best will start up our new tinywords issue 16.1 due out in mid-March.


Happy New Year one and all.

112 Responses

  1. Marian Poyck Says:

    being there
    this very short moment
    the sun can reach me

  2. Lisa Chavez Says:

    Light ignites colors of fire
    burns in a canyon’s stone-cold soul

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    reaching out
    to slow down a cloud…
    the astronaut's nose

    Alan Summers

  4. Garry Says:

    This simulation of a close-up view of an astronaut's face against the sky is delightfully unhinged.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Thanks Garry! :-)

    It is partly intentionally surreal, partly literal for an astronaut out in deep space. But also that we are all astronauts, on a planet sailing through the cosmos, both literally, as well as internally.

    many thanks,


  6. Heike Stehr Says:

    deep light
    the space ship of my childhood
    has landed

  7. Tom Mueller Says:

    Having spotted nothing of interest, the alien craft speeds away from the blue planet.

  8. Michelle Hed Says:

    age lines
    surrounded by beauty

  9. Arlene Teck Says:

    finding my focal point
    sacred in antiquity

  10. ishaq Says:

    years sweep slowly
    twisting amber canyons ::
    rose quartz campions

  11. Joell Stebelton Says:

    Are you there?
    A flashlight
    in the hand of God

  12. James Westbrooks Says:

    Sunlight and dust
    all that remains
    where the goddess stood

  13. Robert Carr Says:

    The great otoscope

    in a sandstone ear


  14. Tricia Knoll Says:

    sculpted rock bowl
    and pour of liquid light
    spotlight dance

  15. Richard Hartwell Says:

    Curvaceous canyons
    of layered sandstone
    caressed by waters,
    now subsided, only
    to spotlight their
    iridescent depths,
    annunciating the
    myriad beauties of
    an aboriginal land.

  16. MaryJo Says:

    in the papery folds
    of a rose–
    the sun

  17. Mike Bayles Says:

    I like it, Jo. Very creative.

  18. MaryJo Says:

    Thanks, Mike.

  19. J T Says:

    Surprising what light can do-love it.

  20. MaryJo Says:

    Thanks so much JT.Sure appreciate your support.

  21. FCB Says:

    like your poetry

  22. Sheila Sondik Says:

    eroded sandstone my empty spaces

    (Previously published in No Longer Strangers: Haiku Northwest 25th Anniversary Anthology 2014
    Tanya McDonald, Marilyn Sandall, Michelle Schaefer, Angela Terry, editors)

  23. Angelo B. Ancheta Says:

    cosmic blasts
    this stoic rock …
    spilling my guts

    Angelo B. Ancheta

  24. Garry Says:

    a bridge for the sun
    ……..down wall
    ….from ledges
    onto dry

  25. pinetreejournal Says:

    a shaft of light
    strikes the canyon floor
    sandstone transfigured

  26. pinetreejournal Says:

    brilliant sunlight
    ignites the canyon floor
    sculpted sandstone

  27. Garry Says:

    a cathedral of silence
    long unbroken
    for the umpteenth
    coming of the rains

  28. Garry Says:

    the light of which star
    in which stone manger
    a stone rose

  29. Eddee Daniel Says:

    the sun shines every day
    Antelope Canyon
    framed in my basement office

  30. Judy Drechsler Says:

    sun rays worm their way
    into slivers of space

  31. Judy Drechsler Says:

    morning breaks with hope,
    the body a perfect shell

  32. janbentexas Says:

    sandstone kiva
    ancestral voices
    traverse a sunbeam

  33. Magyar Says:

    a sunray
    fits this rocken cavern
    light spirit

  34. Michelle Schaefer Says:

    at the bottom

    the light from the top

    all in one piece

  35. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    just enough light

    for sandstone to bloom

    desert flower

  36. Dave Read Says:

    desert winds
    the canyon fills
    with light

  37. Barbara A. Taylor Says:

    even in deep depths
    there is always
    the hope of light

  38. Alma Cole Pesiri Says:

    gleaming eye of the sun

    white on gold


  39. Mary Hutchinson Says:

    Earth opens her womb,
    Giving life to
    The new light.

  40. Sondra J. Byrnes Says:

    how light slips
    between the strata
    of memory

  41. EngawaNemuko Says:

    into the golden cavern…
    a waterfall of sunlight

  42. caroline p. Says:

    Dry white light again
    Pours warmth across my rock face
    Again I know love

  43. Archana K Nagpal Says:

    rays embracing
    my each breast cell …

  44. Cody Huddleston Says:

    from sunbeam
    to stalagmite
    canyon floor

  45. hedgarhix Says:

    in the teeth of the earth:
    an angel from the sun

  46. David Davies Says:

    on an empty stage

    dust and flies

    become stars

    David Davies

  47. Buffalo Joe Says:

    cascading light
    in golden canyons
    fill my eyes in delight

  48. John McManus Says:

    corn field
    my son scans the sky
    for a UFO

  49. Margaret Says:

    when the echo
    all harmony

  50. Jean Stasi Says:

    Amazing light beam.
    Why just in that special spot?
    Perchance a message.

    Jean Stasi

  51. Dru Philippou Says:

    childhood hideout
    a beam of light touches
    the magic

  52. Dan Slaten Says:

    ray of light
    seen by no one
    shines brightly

  53. Robin Says:

    mottled sandstone,
    striated shadows,
    descending particles
    lit by the hands of the gods

  54. haikuapprentice Says:

    antelope canyon
    staring too long leaves
    black spot on page

  55. John Bosley Says:

    In the stillness after sorrow

  56. communitysoul Says:

    A handful of sand
    thrown into the open space
    reveals the hidden message

  57. vijay joshi Says:

    the shaft of light
    an eroded sandstone

  58. vijay joshi Says:

    the shaft of light
    penetrates a cracked sandstone
    on a canyon floor

  59. dawnkotzer@gmail.com Says:


    not at all…

    This space is filled

    with the lightness

    of soft landing

  60. Ana Drobot Says:

    in the canyon…

  61. Ron Scully Says:

    soundless shaft of light
    swirls the sandstone walls
    where waters once flowed

  62. Meik Blöttenberger Says:

    deep wounds…
    the journey of light
    through the canyon

  63. Mike Bayles Says:

    I like this haiku.

  64. Anjam Says:

    Nature's altar
    more holy and beautiful
    than any cathedral

  65. Baobab Shade Says:

    ancestral grotto
    a shaft of light
    add to reverence

    Adjei Agyei-Baah

  66. Baobab Shade Says:

    ancient cavern
    a beam of light connects
    living to the dead

    Adjei Agyei-Baah

  67. Victoria Barnes Says:

    For a sparkling second
    I am invisible and visible
    glitter in that split stone

  68. lamartcooper Says:

    bits of existence

  69. madhurip Says:

    from the split atom
    first breath

  70. dl mattila Says:

    a chance for us
    to make amends
    starting over

  71. Christina Sng Says:

    ray of light
    in the amber cave

  72. Rosa Clement Says:

    sun rays
    Antelope Canyon mirrors
    a brown kaleidoscope

  73. Claudette Russell Says:

    even in sunlight
    the ancient walls
    keep their secrets

  74. Sally Biggar Says:

    you didn't
    warn me when you
    let me in —
    your secret not at all
    what I expected

  75. Claudette Russell Says:

    a shaft of light
    warms the darkness

  76. ArwynRie Says:

    dry chambers
    coursing with sunlight-
    heart of the earth

  77. Ana Prundaru Says:

    light sprouts

    a canton veil

    shoulders the sky

  78. Ana Says:


  79. Baobab Shade Says:


    ancestral cavern
    a ray through an opening
    adds to reverence

    Adjei Agyei-Baah

  80. Claudette Russell Says:

    in a shaft of light
    becomes art

  81. Barbara Says:


  82. Theresa C. Says:

    sun shaft?
    planting a kiss at the base
    of his clavicle

  83. Tess Says:

    give a girl a rest, pesky god

  84. Elmedin Kadric Says:

    beamed up
    by the sun god
    sand angels

  85. kjmunro Says:

    birth day –
    warm light shining
    from within

  86. C.R. Harper Says:

    well within

    our shine draws us


  87. Thom Norgang Says:

    eyes closed
    we listen
    as the earth turns

  88. Kathleen Trocmet Says:

    millions of years flash by —
    as God finger paints these corridors
    light beams peak at His handiwork

  89. ArwynRie Says:

    cleft in the earth-
    knapped from sandstone
    filled with soul

  90. Marjorie Buettner Says:

    first fire–
    the glint in my grandson's

  91. Tish Davis Says:

    the shepherd
    far from green pastures
    with his light
    in the canyon’s passageways
    and on this pockmarked me

  92. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    homemade fudge . . .
    I climb a sunray
    back to Grandma's

  93. Marietta McGregor Says:

    how many colours
    of gold are there…
    ochre shadows

  94. Ingrid Bruck Says:

    sun turns the keyhole
    sand selenite rose unfolds
    rock echoes water

  95. Marietta McGregor Says:

    once knowing
    the fiercest fire
    of him

  96. Marietta McGregor Says:

    desert cavern
    the clashing mesh
    of faraway photons

  97. martin1223 Says:

    squeaky voice *
    in antelope canyon
    rising shadows

    martin gottlieb cohen

    February Navajo Moon Name (from a 1945 Department of Defense Document)

  98. Martha Magenta Says:

    spring dawn —
    spotlight on my
    deepest secrets

  99. Mike Bayles Says:

    I like this poem.

  100. Martha Magenta Says:

    Thank you! You've made my day :)

  101. Julie Warther Says:

    pierced through —
    the reawakening
    of my soul

  102. sidney bending Says:

    Arizona . . .
    sandstone and sunlight
    erode together

  103. sidney bending Says:

    antelope canyon . . .
    sandstone curves into the slope
    of sunlight

  104. sidney bending Says:

    Navajo sun
    carved into a canyon

  105. Phil Says:

    …and within the quiet of man's life

  106. Marietta McGregor Says:

    deep in a cavern
    of our own making—
    muffled thunder

  107. Kim Says:

    sun break
    a winged seed

  108. yoob Says:

    for sandstone to bloom!

  109. Lucretia Charan Says:

    Only nature’s light
    Can illuminate
    what we need to see

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