a river’s song
darkness settles first
in its stones

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    As many of us know it's unusual to find a haiku by Sandi that is not accompanied by some amazing artwork.

    So this is a grand opportunity to just see how powerful her haiku stands alone:

    a river’s song
    darkness settles first
    in its stones


    Wonderful haiku!

    warm regards,


  2. Jane Reichhold Says:

    So happy to see your good works here also! I feel you are working very hard on your haiku and I wanted you to know it shows! Thanks for seeing this and writing this haiku.

    o/ Jane

  3. Valentina Says:

    The character River Song in the British science fiction series "Dr. Who" immediately came into my mind as I read the first line.

  4. d. f. tweney Says:

    Same here! :)

  5. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Lovely, thought provoking.

  6. MaryJo Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful haiku.

  7. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    Beautiful image, Sandi. Thank you!

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I love the image of darkness settling first in the river's stones, Sandi. Beautiful.


  9. marykendall Says:

    A very beautiful haiku, Sandi.

  10. @padma_thampatty Says:


  11. hammerandtongs Says:

    Night turns the stones dark. But the river bubbles along, singing its song, holding onto, and reflecting back the light.

  12. Sandi Pray Says:

    I am just finding these wonderful comments! I am so honored by your words <3

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