Slow-falling snowflakes
the black queen captures
another pawn


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  1. @padma_thampatty Says:

    So well done, great juxtaposition!!!

  2. magyar Says:

    Seems snow is the kigo of late. Here Carol, you've employed it so well_!
    __From my old scribble book, this -chess- thought of a different season. Smiles. _m

    backyard chess
    mosquitoes made their move
    we castle

  3. hammerandtongs Says:

    Wonderful picture. Snow falling outside, gentle, slow-falling snow, not a storm. And inside, fire blazing in the hearth, and a chess game (maybe two old geezers) in progress.

  4. mirsad Says:

    jebem ti tromajku

  5. Peter Newton Says:

    90 degrees here today. I don't mind the snow.

  6. mirsad Says:

    jebem ti hiljadu bogova

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