a dragonfly pausing the wind



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  1. andreacecon Says:

    A wonderful poem in one-line! A really nice surprise…

  2. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    thanks for your kind comment andrea and happy to know my liner had a positive impact on you.

  3. Baobab Shade Says:

    Thanks a ton for the compliment Andreacecon. Still perfecting myself in the art–Adjei Agyei-Baah

  4. Peter Newton Says:

    It is difficult to add a new spin on often written about subjects–both dragonflies and wind are transformed by the poet in this effective visual one-liner.

  5. Baobab Shade Says:

    Hello Peter thanks for your uplighting comment. It comes as an inspiration to deepen myself more in the aesthetics of the haiku art. Am glad i was able to make an impression

  6. Dawn Apanius Says:

    Perfect timing-as I see dragonflies every where lately. Your haiku will stick with me.

  7. Baobab Shade Says:

    Thanks Dawn for your assuring words. i'm so happy that my haiku has become a part of you!

  8. Marie Shimane Says:

    the dragonfly
    longing to delay
    the final flight

  9. Baobab Shade Says:

    love your version too Marie. your use of "delay" can be compared to my use of "pause"…different diction, same imagery and that makes haiku a beautiful poetry genre

  10. Kathe L. Palka Says:

    sheen of dragonflies
    in the rainbowed arc
    of the sprinkler

    (paper wasp, spring 2008)

    Love the movement/moment caught in your dragonfly monostitch Adjei.

  11. jeff hoagland Says:

    Wow! I spend a great deal of time communing with nature and this moment, that you have so succinctly, poetically and flawlessly captured, has been the focus of many a meditation. Well done!

  12. janewilliams Says:

    I can only echo everyone else's comments, your words have captured this mesmerising creature beautifully …

    my breath caught by a dragonfly not landing

  13. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    intriguing…i have run out of comment on this liner

  14. Kwaku Feni Says:

    Absolutely fabulous. The dragonfly suspended in mid air with a gust of wind cannot be lost to the senses. Beautiful imagery and great choice of word.

  15. Magyar Says:

    __Thoughtful words; we -all- are parallels to this dragonfly, pausing in the winds that we -all- may have created for ourselves
    __Here, Baobab, without pausing, you've acknowledged each commenter… a fine social attribute! _m

  16. Alan Summers Says:

    a dragonfly pausing the wind

    Wonderful natural history capture! I used to spend many dawns around a Billabong writing poems before the other Landcare workers came along, watching dragonflies and other critters.

    Here are two more July haiku using the image of the dragonfly. :-)

    quickening its rain
    through the eye of a needle
    the dragonfly’s glint

    Alan Summers
    Scope (FAWQ magazine) July 2015 vol. 61 no. 6

    dragonfly army I slip off the skins of men in pain

    Alan Summers
    Bones – journal for contemporary haiku no. 7 July 15th 2015

  17. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    Hi Alan, sorry for my late response. I really appreciate your earlier comment on this ku. It is still fresh in memory. This addition come as additional luster and thanks as well for sharing your dragonfly kus along my mine.

  18. Alan Summers Says:

    Thanks Adjei! :-)

  19. readinpleasure Says:

    Wonderful imagery. A really great one liner!.

  20. martin1223 Says:

    I enjoyed your poem…

  21. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Love this one, Adjei! :)


    midge haze –
    a dragonfly skip jives
    with its reflection

    Shamrock, Journal of the Irish Haiku Society
    No 18, 2011

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