after sunset
mountains become the sky
a muezzin’s call




(originally appeared in Frogpond 38:3.? Autumn 2015)

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  1. Marilyn Hazelton Says:


  2. kalaramesh Says:


    So happy you were able to relate to this, and that you like it.

  3. marykendall Says:

    Beautiful, Kala.

  4. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks Mary :))

  5. Marie Shimane Says:

    Sight and sound blend so beautifully in the strength of the moment. Just lovely!

  6. kalaramesh Says:

    Lovely comment, Marie. Thanks a ton ^_^

  7. magyar Says:

    __ So well heard, Kala_!

    seeps through this growing dark
    a murmur.


  8. kalaramesh Says:

    Wow! Lovely ku, Magyar.

  9. Padma Says:

    After sunset all become one, mountains, sky and the muezzin's call..I can feel that sound slowly dying in the mountains..twilight feel well-captured, lovely, Kala

  10. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a lot, Padma. Happy you're able to relate to this ku.

  11. Marianne Paul Says:

    Love this one! Thank you for sharing it.

  12. kalaramesh Says:

    Thank you :))

  13. Mary Jo Balistreri Says:

    so lovely. The vision, the sound, all one.

  14. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a million :))

  15. Mojde Says:

    Graceful attitude!

    Thank you!


    ‘Ezn: permission

    muezzin asks permission

    to enter realm of darkness;

    Darkness as strong and full as mountains

  16. kalaramesh Says:

    Mojde, Thanks :))

  17. sunil Says:

    Sight and sound so well captured. Thank you Kala for sharing your brilliant ku.

  18. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks a million, Sunil

  19. Alan Summers Says:

    Ah, yes, glorious to have mountains as a back drop. I remember seeing the famous mountains while in Nepal.

    we aren't the people
    you think

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 25.4 (November 2015)
    From the haibun The Beat Is Back

  20. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks, Alan. . .
    Nice one you've posted as a response – like it a lot

  21. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ah, this transported me to a holiday in Tunisia, Kala. I love it. :)


  22. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks Marion :))))
    Never thought that was possible, but yes, I can see what you mean

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