drought the struggle legible in leaves


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  1. Mojde Says:

    Beautiful !
    A thoughtful poem looking deeply into leaving or living !!
    Shafe’ie Kadkani, Iranian contemporary poet , has a poem written on a conversation between a passing breeze from a desert land and a thorn bush!
    The shrub asks the breeze where are you heading so hurriedly?!
    The breeze replies:
    ” To anywhere but this dusty desert! ” and wonders if the shrub desires to migrate from the desert!?
    The shrub:
    ” this is all a desirable dream but i am bounded by my roots to this land “

  2. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I love the sound of 'legible in leaves'.


  3. Alan Summers Says:

    drought the struggle legible in leaves

    One of our very strongest and powerful writers of haiku in 3-line and 1-line formats.

    We are what we sow…

    leaves begin to fall this face too evolves from fish

    From White Dust Ghosts – a series of haiku poems by Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Tribe issue 22 (October 2013)

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