Writing prompt for tinywords 17.2

Photo of Mars Landscape taken by Opportunity. Photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Welcome to Mars. Plenty of room to roam and scout out that perfect picnic spot. Or maybe you see something entirely different.

In this writing prompt we share a scene from a rover’s point of view. No, not that kind of rover. The interstellar data-collecting kind on wheels. Check out this truly other-worldly scene taken by Opportunity, the Mars rover that has been roaming that desolate landscape since 2004. The robot sent back this image from its extended vacation.

We hope it sparks in you some untapped poem. Send it to us! Not any poem: In keeping with our tinywords ethos of course, we are looking for haiku or other tiny poems. Brevity, please.

Use the comments box below to share your response. We’ll share the best discovery to open the new issue of tinywords (17.2) due out in late September, 2017. Thanks.

Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your poems.

200 Responses

  1. Gerard Sarnat Says:

    let some good drift in
    to us from our universe –
    be present here now

  2. Purushothamarao Ravela Says:

    Sand dunes
    Brighten high on sunset
    Nothing on earth to control.

  3. H. F. Says:

    red raw planet—
    anorexic haiku
    litter the ground

  4. H. F. Says:

    Orpheus' red eyes

    when he turned

    to reach for Eurydice

  5. martin1223 Says:

    climbing up the Martian horizon a red ant

  6. Pan Tofel Says:

    every sunrise
    she thinks of earth
    and we listen

  7. marykendall Says:

    even the rover
    tires of wandering
    this way or that,
    a film of red dust
    in its eyes

  8. marykendall Says:

    people dreamt of walking
    in this dust world—
    had they only known
    what it is to live forever
    in a single shade of red

  9. marykendall Says:

    longing for sky blue
    and azure seas,
    I wrap myself in red
    dust so fine it lingers
    deep inside me

  10. marykendall Says:

    tread gently
    wherever it is
    you are going –
    counting days and nights
    we make our way home

  11. marykendall Says:

    I always knew
    I’d follow wherever
    you wandered –
    the taste of fine red dust
    lingers in our kisses

  12. Srinivasa Rao Sambangi Says:

    as if learnings
    not enough…
    to the god of war

  13. Naomi Madelin Says:

    so much emptiness not knowing where to start

  14. Giulio Says:

    sandy oceans
    ruby rust
    rush of emotions
    below stardust

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