yard sale ?
the old rug pulled out
just enough

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  1. Bruce Feingold Says:

    Really made me laugh and think: enigmatic, visceral and humble. ! I like senryu/haiku which play on
    "cliches" and this is wonderful.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    yard sale —
    the old rug pulled out
    just enough


    Like Bruce I l like haiku that are more than one level poems. We have a play on words about the rug:

    pull the rug out (from under someone)
    "to suddenly take away important support from someone"
    The school pulled the rug out from under the city soccer league when they asked them to pay for using their field. CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY DEFINITION

    But also, perhaps in some yard sales etc… the part of an item where there is damage, too much wear and tear, a cigarette burn etc… is hidden under another item. The experienced yard sale visitors will know to check something better and more thoroughly.

    Of course certain damage to items for sale carry their own history, whether good or bad, or ultimately a neutral history over the decades.

    And also 'rug' is slang for a man's false hairpiece.

    There is a lot for the reader to enjoy and interpret.

    warm regards,

  3. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I thought the narrator's partner wanted them to get rid of the rug as it was past its sell by date (excuse the pub!) However, the narrator wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons, so they left it mostly covered up, with just enough showing that they could say if asked that it was in the sale! :)



  4. Mojde Says:


    Old rug is going to become
    young or new,
    after the garage sale,
    or maybe stays old

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