mountain trail …
a bear crosses
my mind



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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    mountain trail …
    a bear crosses
    my mind


    Neat play on words from wondering/thinking if there's a risk of a bear coming across. you or vice versa, to the mental bear actually crossing your mind.


    Black Mountains–
    the stagnant chill
    of snowmelt

    Alan Summers
    From the Japan Times live renku event (June 2002)

    Anthology: Haiku Friends (ed. Masaharu Hirata, Japan 2003)
    Collection: Does Fish-God Know (YTBN Press 2012)

  2. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    This is beautiful haiku Dave. A bear crossing your "path" could have brought no freshness to your haiku, since it is already within the expectation of the reader. And the bear rather crossing your "mind" instead was a smart twist! And I need not forget to mention the tinge of humor which comes with it.

  3. MaryJo Says:

    That has always been a fear of mine, always on my mind when hiking. You captured the mental state so well.

  4. Magyar Says:

    Well understood, Dave, a nifty thought!
    __ We may sense hazards, yet continue along life's pathway, well aware and ready to face or avoid the challenges that threaten our chosen foot-way. _m

  5. Dave Read Says:

    Thanks everyone!

  6. Jan Benson Says:

    Well Done Dave

  7. annagrace9 Says:

    loved how simple and profound it is, yep, salut!

  8. Marion Clarke Says:

    Love this! Seven words to capture what everyone feels when walking in bear country. Nice one, Dave.

  9. Kraftivo Says:

    mountain trail …
    a bear crosses
    my mind

    Good one David

  10. Easyhouz Says:

    I like this very much, awesome David

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