with no thought the goshawk carries a mouse to heaven

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    with no thought the goshawk carries a mouse to heaven

    I certainly hope it wasn't one of these mice getting ready for Santa!

    a midnight window
    the quiet sorting of gifts
    by mice for christmas

    Alan Summers

    Lagan Online
    Small Words: Haiku, Limericks and Palindromes
    With no thought we humans also condemn co-species to heaven. I hope no humans can reach there, must be a nice place.

    Very strong one line monoku haiku!

    warm evening
    goodnight to the needlemouse
    as I check the stars

    Alan Summers
    Presence 42 (2010)

    n.b. of course we know needlemouse is a term for hedgehogs in Japan! :-)


  2. Andrew Riuta Says:

    Outstanding, Mike!

  3. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh I didn't know that, Alan! What a wonderful word.

    needlemouse –
    a gasp of delight
    at her discovery


  4. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi Marion,

    I had a mother and daughter from Akita (Japan) staying with us for the Bath Japanese Festival that I co-founded. When I popped out to see the stars, as we live on the ground floor, there was a hedgehog trundling right by. My guests told me that hedgehogs are called needlemice, and it was wonderful that Presence, Martin Lucas, in fact, didn't query it at all. :-)

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ah, Martin Lucas, Alan – of course, he would have known that name for the hedgehog. :)



  6. Pravat Says:

    Interesting monoku with crispness, 'Haiku in one-breath'. It reveals the sense of depth and mystery (yugen).

    step by step–
    connecting home
    with heaven

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credit: Haiku Masters (4) July 2016

  7. Otteri selvakumar Says:

    Open window

    White cat no sounds

    On the sky

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Aw great one, Mike. A little death dished up with a touch of humour! Nature can be cruel, but it is what it is.


  9. Kala Ramesh Says:


    Absolutely love it, Mike.


    Mine in Presence chosen by Martin Lucas in 2010. Issue # 42


    spider on a string

    from heaven to earth

    or so it seems


  10. Marie Shimane Says:

    Love yours also.

  11. Mojde Says:

    The prey will soon be inseparable from the preying power

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