trying to put
a number on it
skipping stone



5 Responses

  1. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Love stone-skipping poem!

    six windows
    two tellers
    the line grows longer

  2. Magyar Says:

    __ Nifty Jeff: The sailor / flier, goes back to earth from which it came. This, an instant echo.

    ring after ring
    this stone charts its course
    earth sailor

  3. Marita Says:

    Great haiku,
    Brings me into the moment.
    I can hear the number of skips (almost).

  4. Pravat Says:

    Wonderful poem.

    Periodic Table
    the stepping stones
    I rearrange

    Pravat Kumar Padhy 
    Publication Credit: Failed Haiku, June Issue 2017

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Light hearted and lovely!


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