mostly black image with an orange moon reflected in black water. flying birds silhouetted against the moon.

glassy lake
flocks of snow geese
pull up the moon



Previously published: 1st Place 2017 Autumn Moon Haiku Contest

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  1. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:


  2. Alan Summers Says:

    Fingers crossed as so many of my comments are removed, I'd given up posting.

    But this is so beautiful!!!!!

    I loved it when I saw it just in words:

    glassy lake
    flocks of snow geese
    pull up the moon

    Debbie Strange, Canada
    First Prize: Autumn Moon Haiku Contest 2017

    "Many haiku have been written about the effect of moonlight and the moon's reflection. This haiku is unique and highly poetic in its expression." Bruce Ross

    I can barely say more, the artwork is awesome, and had to be, to match the haiku.

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

    warmest regards,

  3. d. f. tweney Says:


    Sorry to hear your comments are not appearing! In fact we don't remove any of your comments … it's just that anything posted with a link in it gets held for moderation, and sometimes I don't get around to approving the "held for review" comments for a while. I have always approved anything I've seen from you!

    The reason for that policy is spam … if we didn't hold comments with links, we would be overrun by ads for viagra and essay writing services. I delete dozens of these spam comments every week.


  4. Alan Summers Says:

    A lot had no web links or emails or anything like that.

    In fact I'm probably your most prolific SPAM reporter as I regularly trawl through historic posts both for pleasure and for our haiku courses, giving web links, as otherwise we like to ask permissions. :-)

    So I'm perplexed.

    Perhaps I'll venture forth nervously and post over the next month or so. The thing is, that if I don't record the comment on a word.doc, and I spend a lot of time on them, then it's lost forever, and I can't use them.

    So my posts don't have links, I think one or two very historic ones do, and I am your main reporter of Spam where the author's name/avator is a direct link to promotions of electronic goods etc… <grin>

    warm regards,

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Do your comments ‘time out’ perhaps, Alan? I’ve had this happen to me on other sites.


  6. Alan Summers Says:

    No, it's not that, some have been up for almost a day, sometimes longer. I'm very careful about what I put into a comment (no web links anymore) and if I have to, drafting it temporarily onto a word.doc which I've usually deleted once the comment is up safely.

    The mystery continues. :-)

  7. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:


  8. Lynn Edge Says:

    A wonderful combination of image and poem.

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    As always, Debbie Strange has produced a masterpiece. I love how the geese “pull up” the moon!


  10. magyar Says:

    __ Such a grand and warm photo, underlined by your equally grand haiku… a haiga that laces itself into every reader's imagination! _m

  11. Pravat Says:

    One of the brilliant haiku juxtaposing the image (Sha-hai) that I have read in the recent past. Congratulations, Debbie!

    tall trees…
    bridging snows
    to the sky

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credit: World Haiku Association, 100th Haiga Contest, 2012

  12. Jan Says:

    Always pleased to see your work.

    Jan in Texas

  13. pedometergeek Says:

    Wow, love it.

  14. Debbie Strange Says:

    Thank you all for taking the time to leave such generous comments about my haiga. I appreciate it!

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