less water in the vase
than yesterday
nursing home


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  1. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    An astute observation, Jennifer. Every detail gains an enormous significant in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.


  2. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you, Marion. You're absolutely right. Health care venues are among those liminal spaces where there's intense overlap of all dimensions of life – birth, death, and everything in between resonates in profound ways.

  3. Magyar Says:

    __ They know, and care for their creations, life's vase is full.
    New buds; smiles fill these flowered eyes; the offspring. _m

  4. Pravat Says:

    A thoughtful haiku. Keen observation by the poet is highly appreciated.

    fragrance of love
    carefully the flower preserves
    in foggy morning
    she gently nurses the wounds
    of deep misunderstanding

    Pravat Kumar Padhy

    Publication Credit: Atlas Poetica 19, 2014

  5. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you, Pravat.

  6. RPR ao Says:

    Scents of affection
    Spilling all over
    my mind and soul
    Heart hugs silence.

  7. Jean LeBlanc Says:


  8. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you, Jean.

  9. aniketnikhade Says:

    I liked the entire thought process and especially the way in which it was presented. Based on what I liked I have a few words to say

    dried leaves
    falling on green grass
    tree growing old

  10. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you so much.

  11. Sabra Fenske Says:

    And the clock is ticking down…. Goosepimples!

  12. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Quite right, Sabra. Ticking down for all of us. Thank you.

  13. Lex Says:

    Straddling the line between nurture and neglect… What a stunning thing to capture. Brava!

  14. Ms. Says:

    So beautiful and perfect, Jennifer!

  15. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  16. Jim Says:

    Some place between a smile and a grimace I find beauty here – Thanks! Jim

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