first steps
a toddler trips over
a fallen leaf


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  1. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    bright hues
    a celebration of
    the dying leaves ???

  2. Garry Says:

    This evokes what we inevitably feel when we see something like it occur, sympathy tempered with our personal experience of human fallibility.

  3. Magyar Says:

    Well felt, as each day we trip and learn the new, as that toddler. Well thought, Nickolay!
    __ Stumble; this long-life teacher; we still learn. _m

  4. Dave Bonta Says:

    drunken kung fu
    the falling leaf veers and twists

  5. purplepeninportland Says:

    Leaves and toddlers. Good one, Nikolay!

  6. aniketnikhade Says:

    Deeply insightful, thoroughly interesting, simple in it’s way of telling things and yet absorbing. The underlying meaning of it is follows

    As the first few steps are taken a toddler trips over a freshly fallen leaf.

  7. Tad Wojnicki Says:

    Woohoo, Nikolay, great poem! :) I hope you don't mind I re-post it in Baby Haiku? Thanks!

  8. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    A first step in learning – life will not always be smooth going.


  9. martin1223 Says:

    first steps
    the falling of a millipede

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