a bullfrog’s
big gulp

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  1. Carole MacRury Says:

    Love this..I think of the times I've seen the day moon so clearly at dawn before the sun has completely taken over. A 'big gulp' sounds like the perfect way for the bullfrog to start its day. :-)

    the trucker tests
    his tires

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    a bullfrog’s
    big gulp


    Great! It was canetoads for me, great critters, full of character, damned by adults loved by children. Could shake off almost anything.

    The daymoon and critters of all kinds reminded me of this extraordinary optical illusion I saw while leaving a train station and looking up and out of the carriage window.

    day moon
    a crow slices
    half of it

    Alan Summers
    Concluding haiku of The Eight Assassins haibun (moongarlic issue 5 November 2015)

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