we take turns touching
the electric fence

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  1. Mark Dailey Says:

    You know a senryu is successful when you immediately and involuntarily laugh out loud. Well done (!), and more layered than it might first appear.

  2. Alan Summers Says:


    we take turns touching
    the electric fence


    I remember literally testing a cattle fence as a very young teenager, and there is something about the connection, and being in mixed gender company. Very original but very accurate comparison!

    I wrote a book review/article for Blithe Spirit (journal for the British Haiku Society) on this collection by current BHS President Kate Hall, posted onto my area 17 blog entitled:

    "Portable words: The other side of the electric fence – Kate Hall's haiku collection "Irises""

    I'll have to re-read it now! :-)

  3. Autumn Noelle Hall Says:

    What a perfectly jolting juxtaposition to allude to the shocks of adolescence! So fresh and cutting edge!

    I especially like the unspoken nod to that invincibility we once felt in our youth…Well done! Autumn

  4. Dirk van Nouhuys Says:

    Great, sharp.

  5. pbergonzi Says:

    Big grin!

  6. janewilliams Says:

    Love it. I agree with Mark Dailey completely … the humour is just the tip of the iceberg here … so much going on underneath, all the fear and excitement, the tentative daring inherent in the charged and changing body during puberty. What better symbol than the electric fence!

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