winter night
on the sound machine


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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    winter night
    on the sound machine


    I'm reminded that I bought many years ago various gadgets that you could wind up to sound like crickets. I used to write haiku to them sometimes too.

    Crickets are often autumn creatures, depending where you are, and I like the fact that the sound is missed in the next season. Wonderful!

    I'm often reminded that joggers like parks and other scenic places but sometimes ignore the spectacular view or sounds.

    cricket song
    the jogger crunches
    between loose gravel

    Alan Summers
    Anthology: Haiku Friends vol. 1 ed. Masaharu Hirata (Japan 2003)
    Collection: Does Fish-God Know (YTBN Press 2012)

  2. Mike Schoenburgdaz Razz Says:

    chlorinated pool
    a frog leaps in
    croaks ?

  3. Magyar Says:

    As I read, the old wooden chair would squeak; crickets, answered in their grand, summer night's song.

    the crickets
    answer my old rocking chair
    one more page


  4. Pravat Kumar Padhy Says:

    A very poignant ku exploring the science of sound. It also explains the mechanical life of the modern time. The sound of machine eclipses the muse of the tiny cricket. It subtly discovers the invasion of noise into the serene sonority of nature. Let us relish the sound of silence!

    the sound of silence into Shinto shrines

    -Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Akitsu Quarterly, Winter Issue, 2017

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