bare-root plum
the faith it takes
to plant a tree

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  1. Autumn Noelle Hall Says:

    Thank you for this poem, Bruce–it really made me think. I've planted a lot of trees in my life, often in memory of loved ones who have died. I had to leave the birch I'd planted for my mom behind when I sold my home after my divorce. The miniature weeping cherry my second husband and I planted for his sister-in-law has already given us two spring's worth of blossoms in our cabin's garden. While I'm daily aware of spirit, I wouldn't have considered myself a person of faith, necessarily. But do I have undying faith in trees. It was good to be reminded of that.

    roots and branches
    such trust as they reach
    into the unknown


  2. Magyar Says:

    bare-foot psalm
    intoned along our path
    deeper song

    __ Bruce, so sorry to use and abuse… your fine words: this, an instant's interpretation.

  3. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    my own backyard
    I forget
    to love it ?

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