change of trains
a busker hurries through
the minute waltz


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  1. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    I love the movement (the way the lines end in a monosyllable following the two-syllable words in "busker hurries" and "minute") in this is a haiku that I wish I had written!

  2. Garry Says:

    Thanks for your appreciative comment, Gaby!

  3. Bob Lucky Says:

    Nice one. Made me smile.

  4. Garry Says:

    Thanks for commenting Bob.

  5. Magyar Says:

    __ Gary, you've reminded me of my last subway ride on a train left this Boston subway-stop; my 'Park Street Station' echo, to your verse. _m

    park street
    this soft music overcomes
    cold sense
    screeches an outgoing train
    rails harmonize

  6. Garry Says:

    Thanks Magyar. ‘rails harmonize’ is a nice idea!

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