thrift store
the mannequin wears
a mink stole

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  1. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    Love it!

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    I like the permutations I can make from 'mink stole'. As the mink animal didn't steal this time but had its life stolen, and then its fur protection carved out of it, hopefully while dead, but scalping was sometimes done when the animal (human or otherwise) was still alive, or at least dying.

    I wonder if the mannequin is plastic, or human in fact, or a little of both, as we now contain vast quantities of plastic within our bodies, as do our children.

    Great haiku!


    fleeting clouds
    my jagged man wears
    an albatross

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: VerSuch … das projekt gendai haiku 01.07.2014 Wartende wir


    fliehende Wolken
    mein Zackenmann trägt
    einen Albatross

    German translation by Ralf Bröker

    A thought-provoking and deeply uncomfortable haiku, which are needed in these "compassless" times.

  3. Helen Buckingham Says:

    charity shop
    exchanging nods
    with my -ex
    (Notes from the Gean, 1, 2009;
    water on the moon, original plus press, 2010)

  4. Helen Buckingham Says:

    should be 'ex-' but hey, take your fix

  5. Jeffrey Winke Says:

    Love it — got me to stop in my tracks, like excellent haiku should. An excellent haiku!

  6. Joanne Morcom Says:

    Thank you for your feedback. It's much appreciated!

  7. IowaBard Says:

    I really appreciated your haiku, Joanne. While shopping at a thrift store years ago, I purchased a $5 gold bangle that I later discovered was real gold. I felt guilty, for some reason – got "something" for "nothing". This came to mind after reading your haiku:

    on the mannequin's mink
    a diamond brooch

  8. Joanne Morcom Says:

    I'm glad that you found my haiku thought provoking!

    yard sale
    the Venus de Milo
    marked "as is"

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