crescent moon
she leans deeper
into her cane



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  1. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    Given all the moon haiku that have been composed over the centuries, I love this one for its assonance in the second line helping me focus on the shape. I also love the way the alliterative "c"-sound of the first and last words are like an embrace.

  2. Nancy Rapp Says:

    I love moon haiku and this is lovely. I'm thinking the crescent is waning.

  3. Greg Longenecker Says:

    I agree with everything Gaby and Nancy say; this is a wonderfully touching haiku.

  4. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    Bali beach
    full moon on
    full moon ?

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    I love haiku that could act as an opening sentence to a short story or a novel. This is incredibly atmospheric and makes me think of multiple streams of storylines.


    Alan Summers
    Call of the Page

  6. janewilliams Says:

    This is gorgeous, deserving of many rereads. It got me thinking about how, like the moon, we are always whole, yet at different times in life through illness and or ageing also partly in shadow … Love it.

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