the sharp pop
of cooling lids
prickly pear jam


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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    I love sound placed within haiku!

    the sharp pop
    of cooling lids
    prickly pear jam


    I've heard of Prickly Pear, but not as jam, fascinating!

    And you've caught that special sound of a lid being operated so well!!!

    Love every word!

    Here's one of my own, with a pop! :-)

    the universe pops
    from a jam jar

    Alan Summers
    Troutswirl – The Haiku Foundation:
    A Sense of Place: MEADOW/FIELD – smell
    ed. KJMunro (October 2018)

  2. magyar Says:

    __ 'Tis grand, when thought work such as yours Lesley Anne, creates and energizes other timely thoughts. The cranberrys' tartness… under the pop of that canning jar's lid._m

    reddened cranberrys
    now afloat to their harvest
    wild turkeys watch

  3. Neena Singh Says:

    Such brevity and yet the visual and sound effects so lucid! Awesome haiku!

  4. Jim Ellis Says:

    A synesthetic pun. In a haiku!
    Pretty darned sharp!
    Wonderful poem, Lesley Anne.
    – Jim Ellis/Auburn NY

  5. Lesley Says:

    Thanks to all of you, for the feedback!

  6. martin1223 Says:

    autumn wind
    leaving its song behind
    mourning dove

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