neighbor’s yard
three white butterflies
braid the air

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Lovely haiku!

    May I respond? :-)


    where the butterflies went trailing fingers there

    Alan Summers
    one-line haiku
    Publication credit: Sense of Place – The Shore – Touch ed. Kathy Munro (August 2018)

  2. Amy Losak Says:

    Thanks so much, Alan. I love yours too. Living now in the suburbs, I see more butterflies than in the city. But of course, they are there too …

  3. Kath A Wilson Says:

    I live the threeness of this Amy! Beautiful

    Alan, yes. Fingers.

    mother’s hands
    butterflies weave the dark
    of my shiny braids

  4. Mojde Says:


    wishing for butterfly effect!
    from neighbor to neighbor…
    they know togetherness !

  5. Amy Losak Says:

    Your haiku is lovely, Alan. Thanks for sharing it. Living in the suburbs, I get to see more butterflies than in NYC, though of course, they are there too … but sometimes harder to experience.

  6. Alan Summers Says:

    The recent climate changes have brought about a feast of various butterflies that have been absent for years!

    A very old couple of ones now:

    over the nettles
    where I know I just can’t go
    orange-tip butterfly

    Alan Summers
    Publication credits: Presence 42 (2010)

    And another straight up one!

    flash of yellow
    a butterfly headbutts me
    in my work break

    Alan Summers
    Publication credits: Disclaimer (as haiga) 2008; tinywords (2011)

    Same bridge I got head butted by a pipistrelle bat one late evening! :-)

    warm regards,


  7. Mary Jo Says:

    Lovely haiku, Amy.

    A sense of joy in being part of that.

  8. Robert Kingston Says:

    Very visual, very nice Amy.

  9. Nancy Rapp Says:

    Hi Amy, beautiful !! Thanks for your word choice!!

  10. Debbie Feller Says:

    What a picture you gave us! Thank you Amy!

  11. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    my own backyard
    I forget
    to love it ?

  12. Bob Redmond Says:

    The word "braid" here, fresh and evocative. Nice haiku!

  13. Valorie Woerdehoff Says:

    I love this one!! Gorgeous!

  14. Frank J. Tassone Says:

    Beautiful, Amy!

  15. Cosmoswanda Says:

    lovely image and haiku!

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